Cedric Diggory is Up For Sale

My beloved daily Nissan Y32 Cedric aka “Diggory” is up for sale! I’ve decided to focus my efforts on getting my Laurel as good as it can be and, as much as I’d love to, keeping two old Nissan barges in my life is a little pointless when you think about it. Here are a few photos but you can view the full for sale ad on the Driftworks forum here.

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VIDEO: Laurel Chase Cam Footage from Three Sisters

I tried a new GoPro placement at Three Sisters the other weekend and it backfired massively as all you could really see was my steering wheel – sigh. Thankfully some of the other media guys present on the day got some great photos and videos – here’s some chase cam footage that Kai from K98Media recorded of me doing a lap in the slippy conditions.

Kind of gutted that the first initiation was obscured by rain drops on the camera as I was pretty pleased with that flick!

Lost Amidst a Sea of VWs

I spotted this cool PS13 in the car park at Ultimate Stance the other weekend, surrounded by a sea of VWs and other stanced cars. It’s not normally the sort of show I’d go to but I was working on the WORK Wheels UK stand all day so thought I might as well spend some time checking out a part of the modified car scene that I don’t get to familiarise with too often.  

Three Sisters Drift Day

I headed to Three Sisters circuit near Manchester last weekend for their first official drift day. They’ve had drifters on track in the past (as you may remember from one of my videos from earlier this year) but never an official day dedicated to drifting. I didn’t want to miss out so got booked in early and had a manic two weeks after Drift Matsuri getting the Laurel ready for the drive up North.


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