SCANS: “New Commer 2003 with RELAX RX-7″

Now that I’ve got my scanner working I’ve decided to try and make a habit of scanning in cool articles from some of the old Drift Tengoku magazines I’ve got lying around.

Aside from the cool photos, some of the articles in these issues are actually genuinely helpful and offer great tips and tricks beyond those you’d usually find on any non-Japanese website. For example, the issue this particular article was taken from (December 2003) focuses on “No More Break!”, segments dedicated to explaining how to help prevent common failures encountered on most common drift cars, including a run-down on S-body driveshaft setups and SR20 gearbox maintenance. I’ll get some of these uploaded soon but for now, enjoy “New Commer 2003″ focussing on the RELAX FC3S. This is early 2000s drift styling at its best.

NEW COMMER 2003(1)

NEW COMMER 2003(2)

Grand Slam Underdog

Freddie Sharvell’s RB powered S13 parked up in the pits at Birmingham Wheels during the UK Grand Slam event a few months ago. Such a clean and simple car but with a really effective recipe of parts – Freddie drove awesome throughout the whole event and was unlucky not to progress further in the battles.


Drift Outlaws Birmingham Wheels

While BDC was on at Anglesey I decided to pop down the road to the much closer and less windy Birmingham Wheels to catch the action at the final round of the Drift Outlaws series. The championship requires cars that adhere to the strict safety standards that have become the norm nowadays, although the events themselves are run more like practice days with a competition thrown in for good measure. In short, this results in a lot of seat time and good fun.

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