Teesside International Circuit – May Bank Holiday

Firstly, apologies for the lack of thorough blog posts recently. I’ve been determined to get more seat time as of late which means most of my free time is spent spannering, while all of my time at the track is taken up by either driving or fixing the car. Moving cities recently also hasn’t helped but, so long as you’ll forgive the inclusion of photos taken on a phone as opposed to ones taken solely a proper camera (as well as the odd one or two from other photographers), I’d like to try and rejuvenate the blog a bit.

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180SX Tatsumi PA Launch

In a parking area filled with an array of GT-Rs, Porsches and M3s, your tatty 180SX isn’t going to get much of a look in. This young lad and his girlfriend stopped at Tatsumi PA for a quick drink before rejoining the expressway – the backdrop at this place is something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Osaka Auto Messe: the Big Hitters

While Osaka Auto Messe was predominantly taken over by VIP and Kei style cars, one of the exhibition halls was reserved for the old skool – the companies that built the foundations of the Japanese modified car industry with their latest creations on display. The URAS stand was tucked away in a corner but was manned by the legendary Nomuken and ever-enthusiastic Manabu “Mana-P” Suzuki – getting my photo taken with these two and trying before they tried to discuss Manchester in broken English/Japanese was definitely one of those “pinch me” moments. Representing URAS on the car front was this cool JZX100 that I believe Nomuken threw together a few months prior to the show using assorted items from the URAS parts bin.

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